Samples, James R.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Samples, James R.
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

James R. Samples

B Company 1965 – 1966

Joined the army in Jun 64. Took that trip (on the Eltinge) and made it back. Got out in 67. Reenlisted in 68 and went back to Nam in 69. Joined the lrrps with the 173rd Abn Bde. After that tour joined B/75th at Ft Carson. Went to Ranger School/Jumpmaster and others. After 13 months rejoined N/75th with the 173rd in the Nam. Stood down and came home with the 173rd to Ft Campbell. Retired in 85 an E-7. Went to work and doing well until 9/11. Really pissed me off so I tried to reenlist with the reserves but it took too long so I got a job as a Navy contractor and I’m on my 2nd tour in Iraq. I’ve got 25 (5-30-07) and a wakeup and then I’m done.

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