Rudd, Tim

327 Infantry Veterans
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Rudd, Tim
2nd Battalion,D Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Tim Rudd

D Company 1970

Dropped out of High School after not graduating in 1968. Drafted in August 1969 and on to Nam in Jan 1970. I was assigned to 2/327th “D” Company Feb 1st. I humped the Radio (RTO) my entire time. Every time I talked of passing it on to a new guy, they wanted me to walk point. Not for me, I saw almost every one of our point men trip a booby trap.

After Nam & getting my high school diploma I joined the New York State Police and was a road Trooper for 14 years and then a Sergeant for 12 years. I retired after 26 years as a Zone Sgt. in charge of 3 counties and about 75 troopers and sgt’s. Now retired spending 6 months in up state NY and 6 months in Daytona Beach. Life has been good.

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