Page, Jon

327 Infantry Veterans
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Page, Jon
2nd Battalion,D Company,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Jon Page

D, H & H Companies 1968 – 1969

I was in Delta Co. 1st Plt. for 3 weeks as a cherry RTO in May 68, Charger (Beckwith) read that I was Teletype & Crypto trained and took me to be his personal ‘slack man’. But I didn’t mind the hump-less life.

I was at Los Banos and pretty much everywhere he went until LTC Dyke took over and my life changed for the better. I was Ramrod’s Xray until 5-22-69 and derosed 5-27. I ran the TOC net (HHCo 2/327) from midnight till sunrise and heard your name (Tom Carpenter) most likely there or over the radio. I heard that the TOC was shelled or sappered after I left and that my young LT ? was wounded, he was SpF Commo and only 19 when he arrived. I kept an eye on him to bring him up to speed. Do you recall this incident and his name? I want to say Calley, but you know how that could be confused.

VC Surfer, Jon Page
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