Page, Jack

327 Infantry Veterans
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Page, Jack
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Jack Page

B Company 1967 – 1969

John Vaughn ‘Lucky 1’ advertises that I am the man with the golden memory. Don’t you believe it. Whilst I do tend to remember a lot of things about my service in RVN from October 19, 1967 through January 19, 1969, I don’t remember everything.

I served with ‘B’ Company 2/327th Infantry 101st Airborne Division, APO San Francisco 96347 or 96383 with Chico, Lobo, Oleson, Sumpter, Walls, Blue, Simmons, Brewer, Cheese, Wally Gator, Babbit, Baker, Little Pill ‘Doc Smith’, Big Pill, Doc Haven, Sgt. Collins, Ramey ‘Widow Maker’, Terry Wiley, Buck Shot, Rebel, Sgt. Knight, Sgt. Simmons, Indian, Carlester Davis, Freeman Davis, Antonio Sanabria Lugo, Pork Chop, Johnny Protzman, Reyes Reyes ‘Pork Chop’, The Bean Bandit, Donald Tabler, Flores, Baker, Eric Johnson, Floret, Sassey et al.

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