Oates, John

327 Infantry Veterans
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Oates, John
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

John Oates

B Company 1970 – 1971


Drafted Sep 1969. Basic Fort Knox. AIT Fort Polk Infantry. 4 months 3rd Cav Fort Lewis Washington. Orders for Vietnam July 1970. Processing at Cam Ranh Bay I was told to report to 101st. I told them there must be a mistake, I wasn’t Airborne. The officer told me there was no mistake and they were Airmobile in Vietnam and I was going. I did my year Infantry with Company B 1/327 101st. I was 22 when I got to Vietnam, old guy. The rest is history. I came home and thought I was okay but looking back I was a little strange. I’m okay now, 😊. Met and married my beautiful wife a couple of years after I got home. I tell her she saved me. She did. I have been retired for awhile now. I am blessed and thankful. Life is Good

John Oates
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