Neely, John

327 Infantry Veterans
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Neely, John
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops,H&HC Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

John Neely

H & H, C Companies 1968 – 1969

Joined the battalion in June ’68. Assigned to Cobra Company, Second (Lt. Murphy’s) Platoon. Ammo bearer and rifleman in an M-60 squad. WIA July 31 when Lt. Murphy’s recon was ambushed on a ridgeline above the A Shau Valley. Spent three weeks or so in the Sixth Convalescent Center in Can Ranh Bay.

Upon returning became battalion PIO. From September ’68 through June ’69, spent part of the time in the rear (Camp Eagle, Phu Loc or FB Roy) typing up home-town news releases (assignments to 1/327, medals, promotions) and stories. Spent the rest of the time in the field with one company or another or the Tigers, carrying a rifle and camera.

Always felt welcome wherever I went. That includes when I first got there. Three of us arrived the same day (one black, one white, one red, all college graduates, and all legs). We were clearly misfits, but were treated very well by the scary airborne vets we joined.

Am now trying to reconnect with people and am having good success. And am finding great people with whom I did not overlap. Will try to go to a couple reunions.

Grew up in Pittsburgh. Now live in Salem, MA. Three great grown kids (John, Abby, Will). Former wife and mother of John (Carol Kamiyama) is a good person. Current wife of 27 years (Christine Sullivan) is my life partner and business partner. Have been a lawyer, bureaucrat, banker, consultant and PTSD sufferer. Tourists visiting the Witch City are most welcome; see Roster for contact info.

Won’t mention people I’ve made contact with or know how to contact. That list is growing. These are people I’d like to find: John Toberman, Willy Hooker, Don Jones, Roy Agosta, Chuck Newhall, anyone who was in the firefight on July 31, 1968, anyone who was in second platoon, anyone who hung out in the medics’ bunker on FB Roy, the Italian-American guy who was a great cartoonist, anybody else who thinks he ran across me, anybody who wants to go back to I Corps. I’m not good with names, so indulge me if you get in touch.

Anyone who remembers Garland “Red Dog” Paddlety; he and I arrived the same day and were wounded by the same grenade. He was medevaced to the World and died about three years ago-probably of complications from his wounds. I am in touch with his family.

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