Howard, John D.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Howard, John D.
1st Battalion,ABU Troops,H&HC Troops,Tiger Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

John D. Howard

A, H & H (TF) Companies 1965 – 1966

Photo taken in March 1966 when I had one of the platoons of the Tiger Force.

After being commissioned from West Point in June 1964, I went to Fort Benning and graduated from Jump School on 27 August 1964 and Ranger School on 10 December 1964. I was later awarded the Senior Parachutist Badge.

I was assigned to A/1-327 in January 1965. I was the platoon leader of the 3d Platoon. ABU Company went to Vietnam when the 1st Brigade was alerted and sent over. I did not go over on the USS Eltinge because I had already deployed in June as part of a five-man team that was paired up with units that were already in country. I was awarded the first CIB in the Brigade by General Westmoreland in a ceremony on 29 July when the 1st Brigade was officially welcomed to Vietnam.

I served in 1-327 as a platoon leader, as Assistant S3 and as a platoon leader in the Tiger Force.

I served a second tour as Battalion Senior Advisor, 6th Airborne Battalion, Vietnamese Airborne Division 1972-1973.

I made a career out of the US Army, retiring in October 1992 as a Brigadier General.

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John D. Howard
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