Hess, Montie T.S.

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Hess, Montie T.S.
2nd Battalion,B Company,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Montie T.S. Hess

H & H, B Companies 1971


Joined the Army as a private in Mar 65, went through basic and AIT at Ft Polk then assigned to the 25th Inf Div (B/1/14 Inf-Golden Dragons) that same year and deployed with the Division to Vietnam in Dec 65……I remained with Company B for 18 months…having extended…..I returned to Hawaii as a SSG E6…and in 69 attended Infantry OCS and graduated in Oct 69 and was assigned to the 25th Inf again…this time in Hawaii….before then I attended airborne, air assault, and Ranger School…..in 71, I was assigned back to Vietnam, this time with the great 101st…stayed only a year then came back to Hawaii….then off to the Advance Course then to a short stint as an ROTC instructor in Seattle….after that, I got assigned to the 82d ABN Div as a Bde S3, then off to the CGSC, then was picked to serve in the 2/75th Rangers…where I did the combat jump into Grenada….after that, I was assigned to Panama and commanded ther “great” 3/187……then off to the War College….then back to 101st as the G3 where I took the Division to Desert Shield and Desert Storm….my last assignment was in Puerto Rico as the Installation Commander…..my wife of 40 years and I retired at age 50 in 1995…April Fools Day….bought a 43′ sailing ketch and got lost with my wife at sea for 3 great years….then crawled back on dry ground in 1997 and became a US Contractor…..right now, I lead all of the business growth efforts for General Dynamics in Asia-Pacific…in that role, I support all of the Army…and other services too…my way of giving back for all that I have received.

Air Assault and “No Slack”


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