Grainger, “Jungle Jim”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Grainger, “Jungle Jim”
1st Battalion,ABU Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

``Jungle Jim`` Grainger

A Company 1967 – 1968

“Jungle Jim” Grainger
Dec 1, 1947-Sept 7, 2009
Vietnam Veteran 1966-1969
Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V/D
2 tours

Jungle Jim, 101st Airborne to the core became animated factions of the Vietnam War

You think Vietnam when you think of Grainger still fighting, but home, in a land full of strangers

The war of the sixties his psyche eludes an abandoned soldier PTSD intrudes

His expressions distorted, his mirror unnerving But his brothers stay gripped by a cable of serving

Grainger a puzzle to piece what remains A walking contradiction like the war unexplained

Through his death we find life for those serving now Grainger would tell them get help here’s how

I’m proud to be an American he sang from his heart We salute his service as he departs

Freedom Flight LZ Other Side He rides like the wind with American Pride

HUUUUA! Rest in Peace

US Army as Staff Sergeant,
1967 -1968 A Company, 1st /327th 101st Airborne Division.
AK National Guard Sgt training Eskimo Guides

Grainger continued his service through volunteering which supported the following:

ASA: America Supporting Americans as an Original Adopted Son of the City of San Mateo
Airborne Association
Purple Heart Association
Run for the Wall 2000
RFTW Documentary “Homecoming”
Vietnam Veterans of America
(Nam Jam Chairman 2000)
Disabled American Veterans
American Legion
American Legion Riders
Pony Express Riders/Messengers

By Tric Ortiz, A True Friend!

"Jungle Jim" Grainger
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