Golding, Garvin

327 Infantry Veterans
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Golding, Garvin
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Garvin Golding

A Company 1969 – 1970

Was infantry, then supply in Cam Rahn Bay. Over there for 2 yrs. Have pictures somewhere and will dig them out.

Attached is a pic of Alva Shirley.

We are retired living in northern Maine, Houlton and our summer camp in Weston.

My wife was an elementary principal and I was a manager in a community metal clinic. (When I finally got my ass to the Vet Center about 6 yrs. ago you should have seen the look on the counselor’s face when he found out what I did for work….)

I get together with the guys (4 to 6) from Cam Rahn every year, it’s a great time.

I was sorry to hear from Dennis that Steven Miles died. Looked him up on the web site and discovered that he lived about 10 miles from where we used to live (Lewiston).

Alva Shirley
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