Erickson, Art “Doc”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Erickson, Art “Doc”
2nd Battalion,D Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Art ``Doc`` Erickson

D Company 1969 – 1970

I arrived in country on Nov. 22, 1969 and was assigned to HHC 2/327. I was assigned D Co. 1st platoon as a medic in Dec. 1969 about a week after Lt. Piseno was KIA. I humped with 1st platoon until some time in May ?, don’t remember exactly. Spent about 6-8 weeks as a remf and went back out as Delta company medic until deros early on Nov 3rd, 1970. I remember 1st Sgt Dearman was with Company cp then, Tex Brawley was rto, I don’t remember name of CO, it was right after Cpt Cox. With 1st platoon names I remember are Lt Packard, Sgt Skinner, Sgt Miles Wiegand, Sgt Sue, rto’s Dennehey, Tom Emmons, Tex Brawley. I was the medic that evacuated MOHENDRA KUMAR and JAMES COOKE after they tripped booby traps in July of 1970. I have been in e-mail contact with Tim Rudd who has helped me a lot with some of the names I couldn’t remember and Doc Ben Karan. I remember Doc Burton, Doc Mike Smith, we didn’t spend a lot of time together as we were always with our own company’s etc. but they were all great guys. I love the website, great job by eveyone involved. I am presently retired and living in Apple Valley, Mn with my wife of 39 years.

Your No Slack brother

Art “Doc” Erickson

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