Dibattista, Carlo

327 Infantry Veterans
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Dibattista, Carlo
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Carlo Dibattista

B Company 1967


I served with B Co. 2d Bn (Abn) 327th Inf, 1st Bde 101st Abn Div. 1st platoon from 1-67~12-67 when I re-upped for SF. I was Corky’s RTO, walked point, and toted the hog. This time of year is still especially tough on me. 1st platoon was ambushed on 27 October, 1967 while operating out of Duc Pho. John Roberts, Bob Muldro, maybe 4 others were KIA, more wounded, me included. SFC Parsons was the platoon sgt. at the time and Norm Bagley was our medic. We were pinned for a number of hours until Tiger Force relieved us.

No Slack my brothers…God Bless and keep you all.

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