Davis, John C.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Davis, John C.
2nd Battalion,C Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

John C. Davis

C Company 1967 – 1968


I remember arriving in country July 1, 1967 and going through Repo Depo at LBJ, flying to Phan Rang for P Training, transferring to base camp at Duc Pho where as the new NCO I had the privilege of cleaning the Officer and NCO S__t houses for a week until a new man came in and I went to the field to join my unit. As soon as I stepped off the chopper I was assigned to 4th Plt and told that the Plt Sgt was going on R&R and I would be in charge. I thought they were either crazy or joking and as it turned out the Plt Sgt didn’t go on R&R but I did get to take my new squad on a water run that first day.

I remember humping the boonies for several months before we went in for a quick stand down and resupply and one of my men setting fire to the outhouse by setting the shit cans on fire without removing them from the outhouse. I remember Thanksgiving in the rear and Christmas in the field; coming down with Malaria during a rear area guard duty and time in the 8th Field Hospital in Nah Trang. When I came back from the hospital I found out someone had put me in for R&R in Hawaii to fill a spot and I took it in February 1968. I remember being in the field at Song Be one day and flying into Saigon to defend the airbase the next day because of Tet. When we arrived they trucked us to the mess hall and fed us on paper plates with plastic utinsiles and camped us at the end of the runway by ourselves; delivery of a pallet of Bud from the Security Chief and stashing it in a bunker; leaving there on choppers several days later with beer under our arms. I remember Ashau Valley where we hit the shit on March 20, 1968, and I was wounded and medevaced out. That was my last day in the field.

I ran into Rick Knight and Pee Wee Dobbs in Phoenix several years back. Don’t know what they are doing now.

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