Cunningham, Gary L.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Cunningham, Gary L.
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Gary L. Cunningham

A Company 1971

Got my CIB and Air Medals with the 25th, then went to the 101st in 71 around April after the 25th went home, came home in Nov. 71. Never made it to jump school, did the air assault stuff at Camp Eagle. Started with the 502nd or 506th for a couple weeks, then they went home and I went to CO. A- 2/327th, lost all my stuff in a fire years ago, so no pics, have been trying to find guys I served with in hopes of getting some replaced but don’t remember any names to help me find them:). Have my DD214 with 2/327th on it and thats about all I have left from Nam, a few guys from the 25th still alive and e-mail to them. Got out of the army in 73, spent a bunch of time in Central America with the Contra’s, Guatemala National Poice Commandos, 6 yrs. in Colorado as a cop, then 6 years as a firefighter, then about 15 yrs. doing security, terrorism training, security consutling, That’s about it for me, thaks for the e-mail and I look forward to visting the different 101st sites in the future, brings back memories I had lost for a while. Take care and keep in touch.
NO SLACK – 2/327th all the way!


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