Clark, James “Top”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Clark, James “Top”
1st Battalion,ABU Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

James ``Top`` Clark

A Company

Entered the US Army from Durham, N.C. at Fort Bragg on May 21, 1943.
Retired July 1, 1972 Fort Bragg, N.C.

WWII served in England, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.
25 years overseas.

Europe over 20 years-7 tours

Korea 2 1/2 tours

Vietnam 2 tours

Units served in:

SETAF Southeast Task Forces Europe
1st Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division
76th Infantry Division
88th Infantry Division
4th Armored Division

2nd Infantry
7th Infantry

9th Infantry
101st Airborne ABU/1/327th

James "Top" Clark
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