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Child, Don “Doc”
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops,H&HC Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Don ``Doc`` Child

H & H, B Companies

Just came across the memories of the NVA assault on FB Tomahawk. I was with BRAVE RIFLE Company in the 1st/327th, and was with a squad that had set up an ambush position near Nuoc Ngot, about 2 klicks from Tomahawk. I was on watch when the firebase got hit, so watched the entire assault.

I have never been able to appreciate a fireworks display since then, because I’ve seen the “bombs bursting in air” and know too well what the fireworks represent. We held our position, but went to Tomahawk the next day to take over the perimeter duty … one of the most helpless feelings I had during my entire year in country. I hadn’t realized that there was a book about the boys from Bardstown, but will have to search for it, and maybe plan a trip by the town next time I’m in Kentucky.

Thanks again for keeping the memory alive.
Doc Child

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