Caldwell, Larry

327 Infantry Veterans
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Caldwell, Larry
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Larry Caldwell

B Company 1970 – 1971

Jump School May 1970

I was with 2nd platoon B co 1/327 101st Division from Nov 70 till Sept 71. I walked point for the 2nd squad for 10 of those months.

I was with the A co 2/14 25th Infantry for 6 months before that as a 60 gunner.

After I got back to the states, I spent the remainder of my 3 year enlistment with B company 2/50 2nd Armored Division at Ft Hood Texas, while I was a Ft Hood the 101st returned home.

Some of the guys I served with on Nam actually ended up with me at Ft Hood.
After I got out of the Army, entered into the Georgia National Guard in Troop E 348 Cavalry in the scout section.

Mobilized for Desert Storm while in that unit. Retired from the National Guard in 93.
Currently living in Moreland GA. with my wife Fonda.

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