Chance, Kenneth

327 Infantry Veterans
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Chance, Kenneth
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Kenneth Chance

C Company 1968

I arrived in Vietnam on June 23, 1968 and went through what they call “P” Training at Bien Hoa before going up north to the Unit at Camp Eagle – C-1-327. Was issued a Ruck Sack, M-16, C Rations, ammo, poncho and liner, and an ammo can to keep letter writing stuff in. The next day, I got on a chopper and headed out to Fire Base Bastogne, where we were pulling perimeter guard. Some names I can remember, Captain Canine, P.J. Treas, Ron King, Guy King, Sgt Rodriequez, Sgt Faber, and a medic called Doc Roach. I was one of the first legs to go into the company and was in the 3rd platoon, 1st squad.

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