Barnes, Roger (Mike)

327 Infantry Veterans
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Barnes, Roger (Mike)
1st Battalion,ABU Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Roger (Mike) Barnes

A Company 1971 – 1972

I transferred in mid-late ’71 from 1st Aviation Bgd in the Delta where I was with Security Police at Vinh Long Airfield and ended up in A Co. 1/327, first at Danang and then airlifted to Phu Bai and Camp Eagle. One of the three Chinooks that brought us up was shot down and crashed on the way.

I believe our mission from Camp Eagle (or Phu Bai) to FB Jack was ABU’s last before 101’st exited country. After the mission, we left country through Long Binh. I was fortunate enough to be included in Sons of San Mateo and the parade before going home.

I was proud to be part of 101st for a short while.

First picture I think was during a mission outside Danang.
The second picture is me in the middle with a couple of other ABU’s cleaned up at Long Binh on the way home (after a three day stay in San Mateo).

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