Aubuchon, Ronald K.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Aubuchon, Ronald K.
2nd Battalion,C Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Ronald K. Aubuchon

C Company 1967 – 1968

A little about my tour:

I served with Charlie Company 2/327th from Oct 67 to Oct 68. Served with the best “troopers” in the world during that time. Charlie Company took a lot of casualties on March 21st, 1968 at Thua Thien. A lot of good eagles went home to the nest that day. Miss them all. I was awarded a Silver Star for action on 24th March. I was wounded a few days later and spent a month in the hospital. On my return to Charlie Company there weren’t a lot of familiar faces left. Fortunately for me the company clerk was getting ready to rotate and I could type. So, I spent the rest of my tour in the rear with the likes of “Bulldog” Drummond, “Butch” Santaguida, 1st Weldon and others.

NO SLACK – it’s good to be home!

After Vietnam:

College: BS Art, Minor in Economics from Southeast Missouri State University

Presently own The Computer Store, Inc. and The Stonehenge Pottery Company & Gallery, both located in Farmington, MO.

Home: 542 Hillsboro Road, Farmington, Missouri 63640

Married (29 years) with 1 daughter and 2 sons




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