The Wall Still Teaches, Still Reaches

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

The Wall Still Teaches, Still Reaches

by David C. Moore

When I came to see this great “Wall”,
I didn’t have much knowledge of it at all.

I came to understand what it was:
A Wall of duty, honor, pride and love.

Between men that boarded that homebound plane,
and those in action who were so gruesomely slain.

A father, brother, or just a good friend,
who the man that survived will never see again.

Look down the Wall, and you will see.
over 58,000 reasons why we should respect peace.

Although these men, I never knew of,
I send them my respect, admiration, and love.
I cannot imagine the hell they went through,
to secure freedom for me and for you.

Look through the Wall with a concentrated gaze,
you will hear the cry for help from our POW/MIA’s.

I cannot say I was there.
but I can say that I do care.

David C. Moore 1994
Son of a Vietnam Vet
Walton, WV

Note: David made his one and only trip to the Wall in June 1994. He was working hard to understand Vietnam and it’s affect on me. On October 6, 1994, David was killed in an automobile accident. This poem was found two weeks after his death.

C. DeVaughn Moore, Dad
Vietnam, 1968

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