Tears and Rice

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Tears and Rice

by Larry Evans

It all began, one calm, bright day
In Tuy Hoa. What strife
Lay before us, in an awesome way
How small, it seemed, was life.

It was a day in which men cried
And fell, face down, in muddy rice
It was a day in which men died
And proved if they were men or mice.

And men they were; no one can dispute
That each one did his share and more
He yearns for home, so fights and shoots
So he may see his homeland shore.

The men we fought were called “Hard Corps”
Well disciplined were they
But our men were trained somewhat more
Our men triumphed that day.

The “Hard Corps” fought a vicious fight
They tried to pin us down.
But God is with those who are right
He helped us stand our ground.

And when the fight was over
Wounded men still moaned with pain
And seeing our dead, we prayed please never
May we see the horror of war again.

The rains have come and washed away
The tears, the blood and sweat
From the “Valley of Tears” that day
But no one can forget.

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