Remembrance Day

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Remembrance Day

by Don “Big Mac” McKinley

Some remember fears
And the blood that ran red
Some remember tears
And the mortars that we dread
But I remember stale canned bread

Some remember the fights
And eerie screams of pain
Some remember starless nights
And trying to remain sane
But I remember the relentless rain

Some remember hot breaches
And death all around
Some remember leeches
And booby traps in the ground
But I remember the smells and sounds

Some remember trap doors
And the mournful sound of taps
Some remember whores
And the giant size of rats
But I remember sweaty old bush hats

Some remember humping
And choppers without end
Some remember jumping
And danger around the bend
But I remember a good friend

Don “Big Mac” McKinley

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