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327 Infantry Veterans

Akerson, Gene

Vietnam 1st Battalion Gene Akerson C, H & H (TF) Companies 1966 - 1968 I was in C Co 1/327 Sept 66 to June 67. S-4 Headquarters Co June 67 to Nov 67, LRRP Platoon Headquarters Co 1st Brigade Nov 67 to Feb 68. I'm also looking for a guy named Mitchell, don't know [...]

Kurth, Ed

Vietnam 1st Battalion Ed Kurth B, H & H (TF) Companies 1966 - 1968 Ed passed away 4-22-20. He was such a GREAT guy and will be sorely missed!   Enlisted in the Army Jan. 1966 Basic Training Ft. Dix NJ AIT 11B Training Ft. Gordon GA Jump School Ft. Benning GA. Arrived VN Nov [...]

Kelley, Larry Joseph

Vietnam 1st Battalion Larry Joseph Kelley H & H, B Companies 1969 Larry J. Kelley This was taken in a village between Hue & Da Nang in 1969, I was the S-5 officer for HHC 1/327th. Sgt Dung and Sgt Hang were my scouts and interpreters, not sure what we were doing in this [...]

Child, Don “Doc”

Vietnam 1st Battalion Don ``Doc`` Child H & H, B Companies Just came across the memories of the NVA assault on FB Tomahawk. I was with BRAVE RIFLE Company in the 1st/327th, and was with a squad that had set up an ambush position near Nuoc Ngot, about 2 klicks from Tomahawk. I was [...]

Yaron, Alex

Vietnam 1st Battalion Alex Yaron H & H, A Companies 1968 - 1969 Yes, that is a 173rd patch. I was on orders to the Brigade, but then got pulled into the 5th Spec. Forces and then went to the 101. Alex Yaron Back to the Troopers
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