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327 Infantry Veterans

Bowers, Curt

Vietnam 1st Battalion Curt Bowers H & H Company COL Curt Bowers (Ret) - Chaplaincy Ministries Director Church of the Nazarene Chaplain Curt Bowers, U. S. Army, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He entered the chaplaincy in 1961 and retired with the rank of Colonel in 1984 after serving 23 years as a chaplain [...]

Brenton, Ron

Vietnam 1st Battalion Ron Brenton H & H Company 1969 - 1972 Landed in Nam Sept. 1969. Assigned to 1/327 HHC Commo Group Camp Eagle. Spent a few days there and was sent to Fire base as RTO. Didn't get back to Camp Eagle much after that. After 1st year extended and became Double [...]

Allums, Michael J.

Vietnam 1st Battalion Michael J. Allums H & H (TF) Company 1967 - 1968 I Joined Tiger Force in May 1967, coming from the 9th Infantry Division's Pathfinder Detachment. Then in December 1967, I spent three months with HHC, 1/327th, "Four Duce" Platoon. I was on FB Hawthorne March 19th 1968, when the Marines [...]

Ainsworth, Mike

Vietnam 1st Battalion Mike Ainsworth H & H, A Companies 1966 - 1967 Entered the United States Army in March of 1966 at Ft. Ord California then on to Ft. Sam Houston, Texas for A I T and Jump School in Georgia and volunteered for Vietnam with the 1st Bde 101st ABN. Served in [...]

Agosta, Roy

Vietnam 1st Battalion Roy Agosta A, H & H Companies 1967 - 1969 My name is Roy Agosta, I spent 2 years with the 1st/327th. Infantry. My first 9 months was with "ABU", much of it on the 60. The rest was in HHC split between S4 and S5.... Tour began in June 67 [...]

Ackerman, Don “Doc Magoo”

Vietnam 1st Battalion Don ``Doc Magoo`` Ackerman H & H, A, B, C, D, TF Companies 1968 - 1970 I was assigned to HHC in 5/68 to 1/70. Served with Tigers for about 6 wks (to 6/19 wounded), when I came back from the hospital went to ABU Company till sometime in June or [...]

Abram, George

Vietnam 1st Battalion George Abram A, H & H Companies 1967 - 1968 I served with A 1/327 from June 67 to Jan 68, I then transferred to HQ 1/327 as battalion radio operator until June 68. Purple Heart, CIB. Airborne all the Way! George Abram A Company 1/327th 1st Brigade Back to the [...]
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