One Hundred and One Eagles Fly

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

One Hundred and One Eagles Fly

I found this poem at a rest stop in East TN in 2004. We are the world. We are the Airborne!
Bill Haupt

by Author Unknown

Tribute to the 101st Airborne, U.S.Army

One hundred and one Eagles fly,
away from their nest and mother’s eye.
Their wings grow strong
as they soar along,
learning to protect and defend.

They search the sky with a watchful eye.
Wherever there’s danger,
You know they’re nearby.

Their freedom is threatened,
Both near and far;
Then with a loud scream,
You can hear them “HOOAH”.

They fight and they conquer
the enemies they face.
They hold their heads high
with honor and grace.

Rendezvous with destiny,
never afraid to die.
When one hundred and one Eagles fly.

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