Memorial Day 2007

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Memorial Day 2007

by A Vet Who Remembers His Brothers

Happy Memorial Day to you all;

I don’t have to tell this group that today is NOT the kickoff holiday for summer. Today is the day when we take a few moments to remember the Tiger’s who will forever be 20 years old in our mind. The line dogs who will never see their grandchildren, the chopper pilots and gunners who flew missions at our support. The guys who were in places before us like Normandy, Bastogne, Hamburger Hill, Chosan. The men and women who are still returning to our shores from similar shitholes around then globe in plain boxes draped in Old Glory.

We have let the Wal-Mart’s, and Penney’s of the world diminish Christmas in search of the almighty dollar but let’s not lose sight of what Memorial day means. It is time to honor those who sacrificed not so there was a day to “officially begin summer”. Rather, that when summer did begin, we who remain had the freedom to do what we want, when we want to do it, without fear of repercussion.

Happy Memorial Day to my brothers in arms who are here to read this and enjoy time with their families. God looks after all my brother’s past, present and future who can not spend this day in the company of their family. To those families I offer a simple prayer that you will know those of us who were left truly do remember and appreciate the sacrifice you and your loved one made for us and ours!

A lot of tears were shed this AM at the Black Hill National Cemetery. I was among those who were teary eyed. I had no one there that I knew, but everyone there that I had something in common with. A true love of freedom, thankful that I was raised in America and a sincere hope that my grandsons who I took there with me today would understand that the life they live has its foundation and footing constructed in the National Cemeteries across this great land.

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