June 1968 Dong Tam

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

June 1968 Dong Tam

by James Taylor

It was June 1968 and I was flying in the Dong Tam area. I had a 9th ID observer in the back seat to adjust artillery if we needed it. Just north of Dong Tam this unit of the 101st (don’t remember which one), was in contact.

They were receiving fire from this wood line. I rolled in Willy Pete because that is all I had. For some reason the observer in the back seat didn’t call in any arty, he just sat there. Finally they broke contact and moved south into a paddy area. At this point I was so frustrated I couldn’t see straight. I won’t say what I was thinking about this artillery observer.

Anyway, when they moved into the southern area they were being sniped at but couldn’t find the sniper. I then started flying about 10′ off the deck trying to draw the snipers attention. I saw the round that the sniper fired cross right in front of my cockpit. I then turned my aircraft around to shoot at the sniper with my 38. I know, dumb but I was really ticked.

The troopers by this time located him and took care of him. I doesn’t sound like much now, but then it was and it was my first mission down there.

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