James Worth’s Photos

327 Infantry Veterans

1/327th Infantry “Above The Rest” Vietnam

James Worth's Photos

Front row: Minggia, Worth, Wilson, Spicer (hand on flag) shaw (reclining in front with cigar) Hibbert (with baseball hat) Bridgeman, Sifuentes, Jackson) 2d row: Mcdonald, Evans, Benyo (behnd Worth) Plata, Caton,vSlavik, Mcginn, Essick Jones, Polaski, Caraway (in Boonie hat") Starr, Turner (white hat) and Woods are in front of Plata Mcginn and Caton repectively, between row one and two Back row: Willams, Peterson, Crowell, Palcic, Ward, Bersch, Small, McCowen, Parker, Garcia
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