I Served My Time In Hell

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

I Served My Time In Hell

by Bob Graves

Out in the middle of no where, where Viet Nam now marks the spot.
We come to serve our country in this land that God forgot.

Out with snakes and lizzards out where men are blue
Out in the middle of nowhere a million miles from you.

We run, we fight, we kill,
Its more than a man can stand.
I feel more like a target than a defender of this land.

I am just one of the many men of the U.S. Army,
I earn my pay out here protecting men with millions
for three lousy dollars a day.

But when my time on this old earth is over,
And St. Peter rings his bell.
He will say, “Come right in my son you have spent your time in Hell”

Dedicated to All the Men in B/CO 1st/327th 101st ABN Viet Nam
From Bob Graves

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