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admin admin wrote on March 1, 2003 at 8:04 pm
Name: Charles J. Dukes
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 5.49 pm - sun 2 mar 2003

Was with Co. C (Abn) 172nd Inf Bde in Alaska before heading to Nam with B Co (later E (Recon) 2/502, 1st Bde. Was at Duc Pho, Opn Benton, Klamath Falls, Delaware, Nevada Eagle, etc. Finished at A 2/504 at Bragg.
Name: Louis F. Tawney Msg E-8 Retired
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Sent: 4.58 am - sun 2 mar 2003

I would like to thank all those responsible for this fine tribute to all our fallen comrades of the Screaming Eagles that served in Vietnam.

Although I wasn't a member of the 101st, 327th, I was stationed at Fort Campbell back in 1957-59 duty with the 601st Aerial Supply Company before leaving for new assignment to the 549th Aerial Supply Company in Japan from 1960-64, then on to the 5th Special Forces Group S-4 in Nha Trang South Vietnam as the operations NCOIC from 1964-65, and again in 67-68.

I lost a very close friend who was more like a big brother to me during my early military career. His name was Daryle Wayne Batt who served with A Company 1-327th in Thua Thien in 1969, and was killed in action. Daryle Batt left behind his wife and four children who live in Washington State.

I left a remembrance on the Virtual Wall web page and have received a email from one of his buddies who survived the fire fight, telling me that Daryle's aggressive action when trying to brake through the Ambush saved two of his buddies lives. Well knowing Daryle like I did, he would do something like that to protect his men. For no-one could do anything more bravely and unselfishly for his men then to sacrifice his life for them, that is the real meaning of leadership!!!

God Bless men like Daryle Wayne Batt, and all those fine young men who paid the supreme sacrifice for their
Country and their fellow man, and God Bless all the present men serving with the Screaming Eagles in the defense of our Country!

Louis Tawney
Name: Joseph Adcock
Hometown: Madison Heights, VA
Sent: 10.55 pm - sat 1 mar 2003

Interested in contact from any I served with from 101st ABN, 2nd/327th, E company.
Name: Louis Archuletta
Hometown: Florence.Colorado
Sent: 10.09 pm - sat 1 mar 2003

This message is to whom ever may have served or knew my older brother SSG Ray Adam Archuletta KIA 7 Sept 1967. We were not given much detail as to how Ray's last few days with the 101st Airborne brothers. My father was extremly proud of his eldest son as he was the other three. My mother was never the same after his death. Iam sure that if Ray was was able to put Sadam's Insane name on a round he would be happy to do so. All of our family are as proud of Ray and his special brothers he lived with his last few days as my father. If there is any one that would be willing to corrispond with me about Ray I would be happy to do so. I noticed that Dale Hansen submitted his name to the Virtual Wall for posting. Thanks again in advance.
Louis Archuletta
Name: Harvey L. Wilson
Sent: 10.30 am - sat 1 mar 2003

As a platoon leader in Abu on of my most prized possessions is a sand bag Flag signed by the members of the platoon. It is framed and hangs promently in my home. Our Call sign at the time was Caviler. I was privileged to command the 'Tiger Force' for a period of time in 1968. The Battalion Commander at the time was LTC Eilliot 'Bud' Sydnor.
Name: gregg granado
Hometown: phoenix, ariz.
Sent: 9.10 am - sat 1 mar 2003

I served in Abu Co. 1/327 11 July 67 to 11 July 68. Would like to hear from someone who served with me. I was 3rd platoon grenadier. I was the skinny one that packed 70 M-79 rounds, a claymore and a LAW. Sometimes I was volunteered to carry a couple of M-60 belts.
Name: Iain Richard Horwath
Hometown: N.Y. N.Y
Sent: 10.28 pm - thu 27 feb 2003

My father, 1st Lt. Bill Horwath served with 1st platoon 1/327. It is great to see you on the web. Anyone who remembers him, please contact us.
Name: Roger Huffman
Hometown: Shady Spring WV
Sent: 8.45 pm - wed 26 feb 2003

This is a repost. Looking for buddies with A co 1/327th 3rd plt Jan 70-Feb 71. I was an RTO served with Mike C, T-Bone aka Tim Pellicotti,(Joe Perito KIA) Bear aka Larry Strangland, Sgt Stutts, and Lt Lazure, If you know any of these guys please get in touch.GOD Bless our Troops and Brothers and Sisters!!
Name: Jayne Meador Henderson
Hometown: Farmington,Missouri
Sent: 5.14 pm - wed 26 feb 2003

I am looking for anyone who has picture's of my Uncle Billy Meador.He died 4 days before my 5th birthday,I found one picture on the site,but would love to have better ones..And thanks Dewey,you are special in my heart.
Name: Charles Neathery
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas
Sent: 11.11 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Greetings from Texas. It's ice cold here in Cowtown. Wishing all no slack the very best especially the Hawks. Looking for Lt. Baker, Platoon Leader, the Bear. Echo 327. Airborne all the way, Rangers lead the way!
Name: Roger Morris
Sent: 2.47 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Just stopped by to visit. Hadn't checked out the site for awhile. As always I really enjoyed it.

Great work! Thanks to all who contribute!

Name: John P. Marx
Hometown: Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Sent: 12.42 am - wed 26 feb 2003

I am a college student in a Vietnam course. My father was in Vietnam from 6/66 - 7/67. He was B co. 1st Bn 327inf, 1st bat, 101st Airborne. It is very hard for me to talk to him about what happened over there. He was going in for another tour but, thankfully, his injuries during the first year did not let that happen. If anyone can give me a brief history on my fathers division, I would really appreciate it. It is hard to find this information. Thank you.
Name: derikalaboy
Hometown: ORLANDO
Sent: 12.06 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Name: derika
Hometown: orlando
Sent: 11.19 pm - tue 25 feb 2003

my father died january 8,1970 in thua thein south vietnam. I'm looking for anyone who was in his platoon 327th. also a dale hansen. I asm his only daughter derika laboy born in new york, and so was he. my father was jaime laboy . thank you
Name: rene aries
Hometown: no. edwards, ca
Sent: 2.36 pm - tue 25 feb 2003

looking for ackerman, beam, white, all from abu 1/327 and whoever else remembers crazy aries in 68-69
Name: CSM Rick Montcalm
Hometown: Jacksonville FL
Sent: 5.03 am - tue 25 feb 2003

To all the NO SLACK brothers,
Know that the men of NO SLACK stand ready to fight and win- any time, anywhere. Over the last 18 months the soldiers of NO SLACK have constantly pushed the envelope in training to make sure their next 'Rendezvous With Destiny'; will be as successful as yours was. Every new guy in the Battalion knows your history and will never allow the unit to fail or dishonor your memory. We are proud to be walking in the tremendous footsteps of you that have gone before us and set the example.

Take care of yourselves as we finally put to rest the evil in this world.


Rick Montcalm
Name: Ron
Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 4.46 pm - mon 24 feb 2003

I'm doing research on an incident evolving, C Company, 1st Battalion, 327 Inf, 101st Airborne. Pfc. Alan Bonney was one of the Kia's. The incident was on 5/25/67. It was an action in Quang Ngai province around the area of Duc Pho. A platoon of C Company fought to the top of a nameless hill and was ambushed. Most were killed and those that were alive after, the NVA assassinated. There was a Scout Dog with them by the name of Thunder. He was killed also. When the Kia's were airlifted out off the mountain, they airlifted the Dog out also, to the surprise of the people in the rear receiving the bodies. The commander thought it fitting, as Thunder had a piece of an NVA in his mouth when he was killed. I am trying to identify the dog handler. If you remember this action please contact me.
Name: Mary Ann Norkus
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Sent: 2.34 pm - sun 23 feb 2003

This is from a mother whose son is with the 327th. My prayers are with all of you.
Sent: 7.43 pm - thu 20 feb 2003

Thanks to you guys our unit is still around
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