Enemy Propaganda

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry Regiment - Vietnam

Enemy Propaganda

Charlie tried to demoralize troops through use of US racial problems and mind games

Using Racism as a Tool

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The sergeant is depicted telling the black troops that they will be the first to be killed, while they are not respected at home.

Playing the “Race Card”

During an era of heightened racial tension in the US the enemy attempts to use racism in effort to discourage black troops from participating in the effort.

Mind Games

The enemy attempts to play mind games with the American forces.

How these leaflets were discovered:

I found the leaflets in the Ashau Valley in a NVA camp we discovered in July (69). We were only able to catch (kill) four. The camp probably held 3 dozen.

There were about 8 hooches and several bunkers. There was a pot on the fire when we found the site. So we knew they were there inside, or very close.

Captain Raymond set troops at all escape routes before putting all our firepower on the camp.

I was an M-79 man, so they had me shoot inside the entrance to the hootches from about 12-15 meters, while everyone else opened up on the outside of the hootches and bunkers.

After the dust settled, and we had the area secure, we unloaded the weapons and ammo from the bunkers and destroyed them. This is where I found the leaflets.

(I still feel the intensity of the silence as I re-enter the past.)

Rene “abu” Aries

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