Eagles, this is how I see it

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Eagles, this is how I see it

by Rick “Pointman” Swing


We were all Airborne!
We would jump 15′ from a helicopter, into a hot LZ

We were all Legs! We humped every inch of The Ashau!

We were all Rangers! We repelled from choppers, and down mountainsides.

We were all Medics! We tended our wounded until help came.

We were all Recon! We just did it “In Force”

We were all Weapons Specialists! If the Army had it, we could shoot it!

We were the youngest, smartest, and most adaptable Army, the U.S. ever fielded.

We were all “Screaming Eagles” then, and we are “Screaming Eagles” now!

Rick “Pointman” Swing

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