Crazy Nut

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Crazy Nut

by Chapman Burgess

You say you’re an American
But don’t mind that you’re lazy.
You say you want another war
And you’re proud that you’re crazy.

You say a 300 pounder
With one tooth is just fine
Like beauty is flounder
And the grotesque, divine.

You say you want to go back to high-school
To regain some ground
But who wants a sawed-off, offbeat,
War-story teller around?

You say one can of beer
Has the devil inside it;
You take a 50 cal cop car chomper
And bury and hide it.

Every time you get to know yourself
In front of a mirror,
You rearrange your face
Out of panic and fear.

Just what is your bag?
What is your game?
Different is your behavior
But Jones is your name.

—————————————————Chapman Burgess (1983)

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