Cobra 2005

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry “Bastogne”

Cobra 2005

Cobra Reunion – 2005 Crossville, Tennessee

Current Cobra Troops at the reunion

Photos by Bill Haupt

Photos by Carl Coulthard

Photos by David J. Markham

Photos by Alex Yaron

Here’s some pix from my trip to Nashville. It begins with the Interstate and ends on a dirt road. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the house once you get off the Interstate! Talk about off the beaten path!

Cobra Company Stats & Purple Heart Ceremony

It was a great reunion and all had a great time. I’m waiting for the final numbers of those attending, but Carl Coulthard has sent an approximate with final count to follow.

As you can see, the registration didn’t keep people from coming, and we had new folks attending as well as many that have attended in the past, once you come to this reunion your hooked.

The volunteer program set up to help Ken and Angie with the many tasks involved was a huge success. This was important to all because it freed up our hosts to enjoy the reunion as much as we do every year.

Thursday 84
Friday 150
Saturday 200

These do not include family or active duty troops.

BTW: there about 15 folks that showed us Wed to help set up and another 10 plus that stayed Sunday to completely breakdown the site, so Ken and Angie are still enjoying their family time.


These photos were taken after our Memorial Service. Mel Valentine was receiving a Purple Heart many years after it should have been awarded. Mel’s brother, Bob Valentine was instrumental to bring this about. Mel and Bob were both 2nd Battalion 327th.

Friz and Big Mac . . . same, same as Cobra 2004. We want to re-post your reunion pictures if you still have them. Please holler at me. ATR & NS! Hannibal

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