Andrew Irzyk’s Picture

327 Infantry Veterans

1/327th Infantry “Above The Rest” Vietnam

Andrew Irzyk's Picture

Picture by:
Captain Andrew L. Irzyk and sent to us by to Mike Becker, son of Gary Lester Barnes

Please read correspondence below photo and see if any of us can help,
Captain Irzyk has given Bill the photo now maybe someone else can get their memory clicking.

Hi David J,

I have attempted to search in the past for information about my dad or anyone who may have known or served with my dad in Vietnam. Through various resources I have been in contact with a gentleman who was my dad’s commanding officer.

He was able to send me a quality photo taken just hours before he was killed. The photo is of a volunteer 5 man patrol for a special mission to capture an enemy prisoner. I would like to post the photo along with the appropriate information (and credit) to see if anyone else in the photo can be identified. My goal is to locate someone who was friends with or even just somewhat knew my dad in Vietnam and maybe has a photo or story to share. That’s it. I only have a couple of photo’s of him so anything I am able to find is greatly appreciated. I have already had some great help and suggestions from a couple of people and I have noticed that a photo of my dad is already posted on this page.
Thank you for your time.

This photo is of a Special Patrol from Company C, 1st-327th Infantry, 101st Abn Div.
The photo was taken on 9 June, 1969 at Fire Base Los Banos.

The photo was taken by my dad’s commanding officer: Captain Andrew L. Irzyk. It has been requested that any use of the photo have proper credit given to Mr. Irzyk.

As stated earlier my goal is to possibly find out the names of the other individuals in the photo. I do know that the 14 year old Vietnamese kid in the photo was also injured as well as one of the other soldiers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope the recovery process is going well for you.

In this photo, my Dad Gary Lester Barnes is 3rd from left back row. He was KIA 9 June, 1969. As mentioned earlier I am searching to try and possibly figure out the names of the other individuals in the photo if possible. Captain Irzyk was extremely helpful in describing the patrol and it’s mission but I am just hoping that I would maybe be able to contact one of the other guys in the photo.

Thank You,

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