After the Battle for Dak-To

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

After the Battle for Dak-To

by Nick Fondo

Take a man, Send him 12000 Miles from Home
Empty his heart of all But hate and Blood
Make him live in the sweat and mud

This is the life I have to live
While my soul to the Devil I Give

But! You don’t mind and you don’t care
You’re home with Friends and drink your beer
Have your fun then refuse to use a gun

March at Dawn Plant your signs on the White House Lawn
Ban the Bomb, There’s no real war in Viet-Nam

There’s one thing you don’t know
And that’s where I think you should go

I’ll hate you till the day I die
You made me hear my Buddy Cry
I saw his arm a bloody shred,

I heard them say this ones dead.

This was written just after the Battle for Dak-To in 1966 the bloody arm was a reference to Lawrence Kalawe, my ass’t gunner

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