A Wife’s Prayer

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

A Wife's Prayer

by Edith Montgomery

Lord, I bow my head in your honor, to ask you to help me.
You gave me a job to do, and Lord, I don’t want to fail.
When I was eighteen you gave me one of your soldiers,
and I have loved him all my life.

I loved his smile and his laugh.
I loved the gentle way he would touch me and hold me.
The way he wiped my tears and always seemed to
make things right when they went wrong.

But Lord he went into battle, then never came home.
Oh yes, he is here in body, but not in soul.
He ran from love Lord, he seems afraid to trust.
He is here beside me, but so far away.

Help me Lord, tell me what to say.
I hold him in my arms when he seems afraid.
I wipe away the tears that fall from day to day.
I listen to his cries when he sleeps at night.

I hear him begging for your help, I guess that’s alright.
He sat out back looking into the woods.
If I had seen what he has seen, I guess I could understand.
Lord, what happened to this gentle man?

When I can hear him laugh, when I can see him smile,
I feel Lord, he has come home for just a little while.
He’s gone again today Lord, to that far away land.
I can tell Lord, by the tremble of his hand.

His face is drawn and I see that 1000 yard stare.
He starts walking through the house Lord, he’s checking everything,
looking for the enemy he fought in that far away land.

Lord help me bring him back if you can,
with tender loving words, loving him forever.
Try to take away his hurts, and mend his broken heart.
It’s a long road he’s traveling Lord, one without an end.

Till he comes home to you Lord, there will be no peace within.
I will be here Lord, right by his side.
I’ll take care of your soldier Lord, until the day I die.
Lord, he’s been a good soldier, he’s done what he was told to do.

I’ve seen his face, he can’t wait to walk the streets of gold
and be there with you.
He knows there will be no pain there,
just peace, joy and love.

That’s what you promised him Lord,
and he has someone waiting there.
It’s his buddies that were killed over there,
in that far away land, where he left his youth behind,
and that very gentle man.

Thank you God for listening to me tonight,
the day has been so long, for my soldier wasn’t here Lord,
he was off fighting that awful war.
I can’t wait till morning, I know he will be back home,
the dreams of yesterday will have been long gone.

He will take me in his arms Lord, and tell me how I’m loved.
I am thanking you Lord for listening,
the night will go by fast,
for I have talked to Jesus and I know he cares.

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