A Vietnam Point Man

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

A Vietnam Point Man

by Jerry R. Rogers
“A” Co. 1st Platoon 2nd 327th 101st Airborne
1966 / 1967 Vietnam

When LT says, “Point man, up front.”
I move to my position, without even a grunt.
I know my job and I do it willingly.
I am point man today and I do it for Liberty.

On my shoulders are the lives of my brothers behind me.
I can’t let them down, or let down their families.
I look for mines, ambushes, booby traps, and VC’s.
I look for the snipers, up in the trees.

I look for anything out of ordinary.
One little thing missed, could mean our obituary.
I listen for sounds or no sounds at all.
Everything has to be right.
No matter how big or how small.

I have to be sharp at all time.
If I let my guard down, someone could die.
My brothers in arms are depending on me now,
and I can’t let them down, no way or no how.

A point man’s job is not for all.
A sixth sense is a must, to meet this call.
If you just walk point and don’t have these skills,
Victor Charlie could have several kills.

Even with these skills great point men have died.
It was just God’s will they didn’t survive.
He needed them guarding heavens walls,
My brothers who passed and got the calls.

My job down here isn’t done yet.
I have to make sure no one will forget.
I will see them again, when my name is called,
And I will take my place guarding heaven’s walls.

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