A-2/327 2011

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry “Bastogne”

A-2/327 Reunion 2011

A-2/327 Reunion, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2011

Back row L-R: Tom Ferguson, Fred Pitner, Earl Mallincoat, Christine Sparks, Arvest Sparks, Ralph Carroll, “Yankee Jim” Simchera, Roger Roy, “Barney” Barry Bonds, Bill Beasley Next row: Elvia Mallincoat, Ray Sellers, Debbie Sellers, Anne Carroll, Patti Simchera, Judy Hammond, “Mouse” Marion Hammond, Cathy Barnes, Sandra Beasley Kneeling: John “Reb” Coleman, Art Pappas, Dennis Sheridan Front Sitting: Alva Shirley, “Lilly” stretched out :-), Sandra Sheridan, Rick Mendez

Click on this link:  http://anoslack.com/img/Gatlinburg%202011.wmv

Pay attention to the 8 pictures starting at 42 seconds into the video. The two guys in the pictures are Earlee Mallicoat and Ralph Carroll. This was the first time they had seen each other in 42 years. Quite an emotional reunion.

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