Welcome Home, Brother

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

Welcome Home, Brother

by Dick Moran
(Jan ’69 – May ’69)

For those who fought and still remain in a country far
away, Whose memory is forever etched on walls of
granite cold and black,
we say,
Welcome Home!

For those who endured,
Who suffered wounds visible and unseen,
Whose return was not of hero’s stuff,
But scorn, of hate, of ridicule and of laugher cruel,
We say,
Welcome Home!

For those whose nights are filled with visions dark and ill still,
of battles fought, of comrades lost,
of pain unending and solace fleeting,
We say,
Welcome Home!

For generations yet unborn,
Who again will answer the call,
To fight and die in distant lands,
For causes just or ill,
We say,
Welcome Home!

For all who fought,
Who have returned,
Who remember still that land so far away,
For whom the years now slip by as fleeting as a cloud,
Forever we will say,

Welcome Home,

Welcome Home,

Welcome Home Brother!

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