Williamson, David O.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Williamson, David O.
2nd Battalion,C Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

David O. Williamson

C Company 1969 – 1971


Enlisted out of Shreveport La. mid ’68 did my training and went straight to Vietnam. Arrived in January ’69, assigned as an RTO with the 801st Maint. Battalion. After 2 months, C Company of 2/327 requested an RTO. I said, “Let me” and the rest of my time till January 8, 1971 was with C 2/327. Did all of ’69 and asked for ’70, and got it. Left RVN Jan. 8, 1971.

I am on the roster I think. David Cook and I have had some correspondence as I am an Archeologist.

Dave in 1970
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