Rodgers, Theodore (Bro Tee)

327 Infantry Veterans
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Rodgers, Theodore (Bro Tee)
1st Battalion,ECHO Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Theodore (Bro Tee) Rodgers

E Company 1971 – 1972

I was born and raised in the small town of Williamstons, NC 27892. My nick names were Bro Tee or Bro Rod.

I served with the 101th in 1971-72. 1/327th Infantry in E. Co., in Phu Bai. 2/327th Infantry in A Co. in Cam Ranh Bay. I started out in Recon, a five man team for about three months. Then I joined a line company. My base camps were Fire base Mars and Fire base Linda. We also worked in Da Nang for a while in Freedom Hill. In Company A we lost about eight cooks who were short in country, the Chinook Helicopter went down. The rest of the time I spent in Cam Ranh Bay until my time was up. Thank you all again, and Welcome Home everyone.

Theodore Rodgers

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