Reno, William S.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Reno, William S.
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

William S. Reno

B Company 1967 – 1968

Joined Feb. ’66. Basic at Ft. Bliss, Tx. Infantry training at Ft. Gordon, Ga. Jump school at Benning. Went to Ft. Campbell with the 506th. Went to Nam in June ’67 with Co B 2/327. As I was clearing rear-area in June ’68, got malaria and left ‘in country’ after 367 days. (left one day late and it was a Leap year.) Eventually sent to Ft Polk, La. I thought, Oh No Tigerland. But was at Reception Station for last 5 months.

Bill Reno. Everyone thought that ‘Reno’ was my nickname until I started getting mail. When I became a sqd leader I took the radio name ‘Huckleberry Hound’, don’t ask me why, except we had a ‘Top Cat’ there, already.

Bill Reno
Bill in 1967
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