Marshall, Roderick

327 Infantry Veterans
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Marshall, Roderick
2nd Battalion,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Roderick Marshall

H & H Company 1965 – 1966


I came into the Army Jan ’62 from Chicago, Boot Camp in Fort Ord then Fort Sam for Medic, then Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia. After all my training I was sent to Germany with the 509th till ’65, then sent to Fort Campbell with the 326 Med Co D. I was on post 60 days before the first brigade was sent over. My Sergeant Major told me that, “being that I have just been back in the U.S.A. for 30 days I will not send you over with the rest of them”. SP4 LELAND R. COTTIN was sent over in my place, I was to replace him in 10 months. May ’66 I was in country and sent to Tuy Hoa. Cottin was Medic for the Hawk Plt. We said hi then he left, came back two hrs. later KIA. I was sent to the Hawks HHC 2d Bn 327 Inf. Got hit two months in country on Highway 1 re-supplying a Special Force Camp outside of Tuy Hoa. Out of action for three months then came back to the Hawks.

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