Gates, Jim

327 Infantry Veterans
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Gates, Jim
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Jim Gates

A Company 1964 – 1966

I ETS’d in 1966. Went home to L.A. Cal. Joined the Army National Guard and also became a Deputy Sheriff for L.A. County. Retired from LASD in 1986. Moved to the Ozark Mtns in Arkansas. In 1990 moved to Phoenix, Arizona, Joined the AZ Army National Guard and worked at that pretty much full time. Retired from the guard in 1998 and moved back to the Ozarks to present.

Messling, SSG Perez, Lowe, Salazar and me, the blond guy in the middle over Salazar. I think we were at Cam Rahn loading up for and LST trip to Tuy Hoa.
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