Croxton, Ben

327 Infantry Veterans
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Croxton, Ben
1st Battalion,ABU Troops,Brave Rifle Troops,Cobra Troops,H&HC Troops,Tiger Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Ben Croxton

H & H (TF), A, B, C Companies

Combat Photographer
1st Brigade, 101st Airborne

I got to 1st Brigade 101st HQ PIO office in August 1967… My first assignment’s were both 1st & 2nd 327th line companies in Chu Lai…I meet with the CO of Tiger’s & wanted to hook up with them but at first they were very reluctant, they had not taken a PIO guy out before for… I told them that I had gone thru Raider School @ Bragg with the 82nd & could hold my own so they gave me a shot…I worked Tigers & A, B, & C companies 1st 327th thru the rest of the year & most of 1968. I then spent time with the line companies & Hawk Recon 2nd 327th for the rest of the year…

The entire time my MOS was 11F Recon with a secondary of 84B (Combat Photographer). We generally worked as a writer/photographer team but most of the time I was on my own….I was very privileged to have had my work published in the Screaming Eagle, the 101st annual tour magazines, Stars & Strips, major US newspapers as well as the New York Times….. Today you will see my shots at both Brigade HQ & HQ 1st 327th at Ft Campbell KY on their wall of Honor, in their war & trophy room & at the new Tiger Force Barracks.


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