Collins, Tom

327 Infantry Veterans
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Collins, Tom
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Tom Collins

B Company 1970

I entered the country as a 11C but was put into 11B ’cause that’s where I was needed. I never saw a morter till I was on FB Tomahawk.

I entered the country Feb 9 1970 and was wounded on June 6. I have a Purple Heart and a CIB. The picture is from in a ” Slick “enroute to a combat assault somewhere in the Rounge Rounge Valley near the village of Nuoc Ngot in the Province of Thua Thien. No Jump or Ranger School for this Grunt.

I am searching for the DUSTOFF pilot that flew me out of bush when I was wounded but I haven’t had any luck. I just want to say thanks.


Tom Collins
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