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327 Infantry Veterans
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Brenton, Ron
1st Battalion,H&HC Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Ron Brenton

H & H Company 1969 – 1972

Landed in Nam Sept. 1969. Assigned to 1/327 HHC Commo Group Camp Eagle. Spent a few days there and was sent to Fire base as RTO. Didn’t get back to Camp Eagle much after that. After 1st year extended and became Double Eagle. Stayed until New Years day 1972. Was RTO on FB Roy,T’Bone, Tomahawk, Birmingham, Jack, Nook Nok, Lanyard, Bastogne, Arsenal, Veghel, Kathryn, Evans, Kim Que, LZ Sally, LZ Sabre, and Hill 46 during those 27 months. Also did a stint as part of a 2 man radio relay team in the small village at Hy Van Pass.

Went back to Michigan after I got out, got married to a wonderful woman and raised 3 great kids. Now living in Florida with that same wonderful woman. I am one of the owners of a company that designs and manufactures custom motorcycle wheels for Harley’s.

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Ron Brenton

Want Prayers Not Parades

Editor, The Times Herald;

Tuesday Oct. 14, your editorial was opposed to rallies and demonstrations, correct? Then why did you run two big articles on the one to be held Oct. 15? I think if people would ignore the ignorant and not publicize the demonstrations it would be better.
My brother-in-law is in Vietnam, and his wife and 7-month-old son are home praying, not out parading, and I plan to add my prayers for him and my cousin who will celebrate his twenty-first birthday in Vietnam. If anyone would take the time to ask the men over in Vietnam, they would find out they want prayers not parades, rallies or demonstrations.

Mrs. Thomas Shay
1819 Mansfield Street

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