Borrero, Cesar

327 Infantry Veterans
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Borrero, Cesar
1st Battalion,ABU Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Cesar Borrero

A Company 1966 – 1967

I served in Vietnam from July 1966 to July 1967 in the A/327th my name is Cesar Borrero, I am from Puerto Rico. I was in 3rd platoon, there was a Sgt. Blevins, Sgt. Brown, Sgt. Botello and Sgt. Fowler. I remember the firefight on May 14, 1967 (Mother’s Day Hill) I was there and I remember when the Doc was wounded when he was carrying Pat Phillips on his shoulders, I remember the KIA Benito Gonzalez, Cradford Snow, Pat Phillips and many others. Then I was in Ft. Campbell about 2 months. I was once a Screaming Eagle and I will always be a Screaming Eagle.

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